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Positioning Corporate Contact Information
The logo and corporate contact information often appear together. The system for positioning the corporate contact information with the Wistron logo has been developed to preserve the consistency and integrity of the corporate identification. The purpose of this system is to standardize the relative positioning of the logo, corporate name and corporate information.
This positioning system has 2 versions, namely the Vertical Version, and the Horizontal Version.
Vertical Version :The left side of the corporate contact information aligns with the left edge of the i. The Chinese corporate name is set in Lin Gothic Extra with a track of 100. The corporate information in
Chinese is set in Lin Gothic Medium. All numbers are set in Helvetica Regular.
The English corporate name is set in Helvetica Bold. The corporate information is set in Helvetica Regular. Note that the minimum space rule is observed here.

Corporate Contact Information: The information including the corporate name, address, phone number and fax etc.

Horizontal Version: The specifications for typesetting remain the same as vertical version A . The top of the corporate names, both Chinese and English, align with the X-height of the logo. All numbers are set in Helvetica Regular.

X-height: In Roman alphabets, X-height refers to the distance between the baseline and the midline of an alphabet. Generally this is the height of the unextended lower case letters-w,s,r,o,n.

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