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Standard Wistron Logo
Wistron's logo is based on the company's English name. It is designed to be simple and asilyrecognized, and to represent the global outlook and concepts embraced by Wistron. The name ¡§Wistron¡¨ is a combination of elements of the words ¡§wisdom¡¨ and ¡§electronics¡¨. Using the name Wistron as the focus of the corporate identity system signifies that Wistron is a world-class DMS service provider and that it is an enterprise which offers high levels of know-how and capabilities in research and manufacturing. The letter ¡§ i¡¨ is highlighted to show the company's emphasis on the ¡§five i's¡¨ of ideas, innovation, information, integration and integrity. The shading of the letter ¡§i¡¨ from light to dark draws the eye upwards, a symbol of the way that the hard work and commitment of Wistron's employees have allowed the company to become the world's largest DMS provider in a very, very short period of time.

The corporate colors used in the CI scheme are dark blue and light green. The blue symbolizes the depth and reach of Wistron's international outlook while the green is a symbol of the growth and vitality of the corporation.