Standard Corporate Logo
  Standard Wistron Logo
  Construction of Logo/Staging of Logo
The Color System
Typographic System
Logo on a Photographic Background
VI File and Updates
Grid Scale

The Grid Scale is only used when precise methods of reproduction of the logo using professional reproduction equipment are not available.

The 5mm grid is used as scale for mechanical reproduction or enlargement of the logo.

The Wistron logo is a unique design which reflects the exceptional qualities of the corporation, all rules and guidelines pertaining to the application of the logo and identity system must be observed, so that the visual impression and recognition of the corporate identity can be preserved and enhanced.

1.2 Please contact Brand Management for master artwork of logo.
Modified Logo
For very special applications of the logo, such as molding and embossing the logo on products, a modified version of the logo is required.

This version is only allowed for special applications, all other regular corporate communications must apply the standard
logo (refer to pages 1.1 and 1.2).
The logo master art has been outlined only for reproduction process, but the logo should not appear in outlined form. The logo appears in the color of the material on which it is applied.
The minimum size rule still need to be observed.

Note: This version is only allowed for very special application. Please contactBrand Management for logo master artwork and instructions on its proper use.

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