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Wistron ITS' Artificial Intelligence robotic system is based on advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as semantic analysis and human-computer interaction to interactively interact with users through the internet or mobile terminals in a personified manner while conducting customer service and business marketing. While improving the quality of services and corporate image, we can standardize high-quality services and enhance the user experience, thereby reducing the ever-increasing customer service costs.

Service Content

Smart customer service provides four major applications to create high-performance customer service platform:

  • intelligent robot From the traditional one-on-one phone service model upgrade to one-to-many robot service model, to achieve human-computer interaction scenarios, effectively improve service efficiency and quality.
  • online text customer service Free to switch live customer service, the same dialogue window, so that online customer service staff can quickly understand customer issues and provide the most accurate answer.
  • Internal corporate assistant Co-ordination of internal information, replace the traditional standard rules and regulations for the inconvenience of inquiry, increase enterprise information dissemination of immediacy.
  • Customer service knowledge management Through the establishment and expansion of customer service knowledge base, intelligent robots will be able to continually increase the range and content of issues that can be dealt with to help enterprises expand 24 * 7 service range.

Service Features

  • Integrate diverse sources of knowledge
  • Access to websites and mobile communication software
  • Provide account inquiry service
  • Use big data tools to analyze user behavior
  • perfect online maintenance tool
  • Business, industrial knowledge base integration, and sharing

Success Case

  • Well-known Financial Intelligent Customer Service platform
  • Well-known securities and financial management robot

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