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Big Data

Data warehousing and big data analytics are among the most important assets of any business and are an important source of information for businesses. Therefore, maintaining the normal operation of data repositories and increasing the efficiency of huge data repositories is a major issue for every IT department

Wistron ITS provides the following types of big data analytics services

  • Data warehousing / big data implementation and consulting services
  • Internet Advertising Data Analysis

Data warehousing / big data implementation and consulting services

With years' experience in constructing, maintaining, developing and designing database, we provide professional "data warehousing / big data implementation and consulting service”, and we practice experience to help customers the huge amount of data and data stable operation, and maximize the benefits of data analysis.

For Teradata / Oracle / DB2 / SQL, etc., the database has a complete set up experience. We have outsourcing projects with well-known telecommunications, banking and other large scale clients. Therefore, Wistron ITS can provide customers a one-stop shopping service with rich system software development experience combined with Teradata / Oracle / DB2 / SQL ... etc. database planning, and software development system design experience

Service Content

  • Database: including Teradata, Oracle, DB2, SQL assessment, planning and deployment
  • ETL development and implementation: SSIS, Trinity, Datastage, Teradata, Informatica
  • Visual Analysis: OLAP, Tableau, Webi, Qickview
  • Big data analytics: Hadoop, R, python, Analyzer, Celebrus, Tensorflow, Microsoft Azure
  • Education and training
  • Technical advisory services
  • Professional and technical outsourcing services

Service Features

Business Intelligence / DW / big data system project development Developed team with deep knowledge of specialized fields, real-world experience gained through its excellent technical capabilities and years of accumulated project experience. Develop products and big data analytics services that meet the analytics needs of your organization by using BI / ETL tools and standardized workflows. We help customers create a unique business intelligence value by facilitating the introduction of packaged products.

Data storage / ETL / big data professionals outsourcing services

Wistron ITS can cooperate with the client's business and project implementation needs, put into practical experience of DW / BI / Big Data / ETL / AI professional and technical personnel. We provide customers the most complete and professional technical personnel support services. We provide different depths; different areas of technology development and maintenance of human resources fully cooperate with the customer project development period. It not only enables customers to maintain a high degree of integration of technical resources in various business analysis application projects in DW / BI / Big Data / ETL, but also let enterprises maintain superior competitive advantages in information data analysis applications such as product sales, application and operation.


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